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Playful Kitty Puzzle: Things Cats Like To Play With

Playful Kitty

Time for Another Game with Playful Kitty!

Playful Kitty has created a word scramble based on the favorite toys of cats! Rearrange the letters onto the blanks to spell different things that cats like to play with.  To play choose one of these options:

  1. Click on the image of the puzzle and print it from your browser.
  2. Right click on the image. Select “Save As” and save the image to your computer. Print as an image or place it onto a word document to print it.
  3. Download the PDF version of the puzzle and print from Adobe Acrobat. Click the following link to use the PDF version: Things That Cats Like to Play With Scramble.pdf

Want the answers?

Just send an email with the subject line “Answers to Things Cats Like to Play With” to .

Word Scramble - Things Cats Like to Play With

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Woman Loses Wedding Rings While Changing Bird’s Diaper


Don’t you hate when you’re changing your disabled cockatoo’s diaper in the bathroom of a truck dealership and you lose your wedding rings?

That’s what happened to Pamela Brun of Chesterfield, VA. After dropping her husband off at the hospital for open heart surgery, she took her truck to the dealership but took a pitstop to change her pet bird Zach’s diaper. Brun accidentally left her wedding rings laying on the changing table, and was terrified that losing them was a bad omen for her husband’s health.

Luckily an anonymous stranger turned the rings in a few days later, and Brun’s husband is recovering just fine.

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Typhoon relief effort shows signs of progress

Anderson Cooper 360

Six days into the Typhoon Haiyan disaster, there are some signs of progress in the Philippines. Aid flights are landing in hard hit Tacloban, and supplies are beginning to reach desperate survivors. Bodies, which were left in the streets for days, are finally being collected. Paula Hancocks takes a look at the progress being made, and how much more needs to be done.

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Anderson spoke with Brigadier General Paul Kennedy who is leading the American relief mission in Tacloban.

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